Value of Northeastern National Merit Scholarship?

If I have finalist status and I apply to Northeastern University, is the National Merit Scholarship guaranteed? Or am I just considered for it.

Also, whats the value of the scholarship? The website is really vague and I see different answers online. When I emailed Northeastern asking this, I got an automated response and a link that didn’t work.

There is no mention of an automatic amount guaranteed, but it does seem that you would be eligible for some amount.

IIRC, NMSF used to automatically get scholarships at a northeastern. I believe that has changed to being considered for…not automatically awarded.

I remember somebody said it would be $5K only.

Northeastern used to offer guaranteed full tuition scholarship as far back as 2012-13… and over the years it has been gradually decreasing in amount and guarantee. Now they say NMSF will be considered for competitive scholarships. Reports here and on the page FB page seem to indicate that NMSF tend to get maybe $5000 added to the merit package originally offered at your time of admission.