Value of Northeastern National Merit Scholarship?

If I have finalist status and I apply to Northeastern University, is the National Merit Scholarship guaranteed? Or am I just considered for it.

Also, whats the value of the scholarship? The website is really vague and I see different answers online. When I emailed Northeastern asking this, I got an automated response and a link that didn’t work.

There is no mention of an automatic amount guaranteed, but it does seem that you would be eligible for some amount.

IIRC, NMSF used to automatically get scholarships at a northeastern. I believe that has changed to being considered for…not automatically awarded.

I remember somebody said it would be $5K only.

Northeastern used to offer guaranteed full tuition scholarship as far back as 2012-13… and over the years it has been gradually decreasing in amount and guarantee. Now they say NMSF will be considered for competitive scholarships. Reports here and on the page FB page seem to indicate that NMSF tend to get maybe $5000 added to the merit package originally offered at your time of admission.


Wondering if you ended up getting NM Scholarship from NEU? If so, would you mind sharing what the process was?
My son was accepted ED but got no aid or merit awards. When he emailed about Finalist status, the response was to upload his Finalist letter from NMSC to the Applicant Status Portal. But there’s no place there to upload documents.

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Did you apply for FA? Did you run the NPC before applying to see what they estimated your need to be?

I can’t help about uploading the documents. I hope you get some NMF scholarship but it is no longer a guaranteed thing anymore like it had been in the past. Let us know what you hear!

No, we didn’t complete CSS or FAFSA forms with his application, and he didn’t receive any merit aid ED1 acceptance. The Admission and Financial Aid offices seem to be giving different answers on what documents are needed for NMS.

Will provide an update if he hears anything concrete about the NM scholarship from NEU. The NEU website indicates first notifications should be coming in March for ED/EA students.

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Good luck!

@WorriedBSParent Did you ever get word on your national merit scholarship from NU?

He just told me today he got the email from NEU! $15,000 per year. We had no other aid thus far, so this is great news.


Awesome! Will he be attending?

I got in but didn’t end up listing it as my first choice because I got full tuition from Fordham. I still have time though. I’m going to email the office of financial aid and leverage the offer for more money.

Yes he was admitted ED1 so is committed to go.

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Plz report how it goes for future students too. Congrats on both schools!

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Following this because my son was accepted EA, indicated Northeastern as his first choice by March 1, and is waiting to hear about the scholarship amount. He has a Dean’s Scholarship, but understand that the NM Scholarship will replace that. Called Fin Aid and talked to a not-very-helpful person who say May 1, but I have heard that other EA / ED admits have already gotten their NM awards.

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Do you mind sharing how much you got in Deans scholarship? Did you apply for and get need based aid? The NMF will likely replace these given that they are not typically offering high amounts anymore for NMF.

I applied ED 2 and have Northeastern listed as my top choice, but I haven’t heard anything regarding it. For context, I received no merit or need based aid from Northeastern. Is this the case for anyone else?

I accepted a corporate sponsored scholarship worth only $3k a year in early March, because I didn’t realize it would interfere with the Northeastern scholarship. Am I not eligible for the Northeastern one anymore? I’m so worried I ruined my chances at a decent scholarship.

You would report the outside scholarship to Northeastern. It will not affect the amount of any merit scholarship you receive from Northeastern. However, if your aid package includes need-based grants it may reduce that by $3000 or it may reduce the amount of loans you would receive.

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