value of sat IIs??

<p>What schools in the northeast tend to place heavy emphasis on satIIs? I know many require three of them to be considered for admission, but what schools put particular weight on the quality of these scores? Are they as important as SAT I's, and if so, at what schools? I ask this because while my satI is mediocre (680m 700v), i have an 800 on writing and 780 on US history, which i am hoping will help to compensate.</p>

<p> looking at small liberal arts (bowdoin, bates, amherst, williams, swarthmore)</p>

<p>1380, is not mediocre, maybe on this board. But actually it is something close to 90ht percentile, is not it?</p>

<p>1300 is around 90th percentile.. 1380 is like 95th or so... not sure exactly</p>

<p>yeah 1380 is like 93rd percentile or something, but its all relative. When i'm trying to get into amherst or williams, it doesn't make for a particularly strong showing when compared to other applicants.</p>

<p>Come on. 1380 is enough for almost everything. Look at 25-75
The most selective school starts from about 1450.
For example, berkeley has something around 1200 in 25th percentile.</p>

<p>well with me personally...i dont have any particularly strong ec's or community service or anything like that...and i'm not a varsity captain or anything. I have a 3.8 uw gpa, which i doubt is even in the top 10% of my class. Basically, i dont have much to set me apart from other applicants, except possibly my essay. But still, for me to get into these top liberal arts colleges, i would prob have to be around the third quartile of SATI scores, which would be around 1450-1500.</p>

<p>I just don't belive i have the luxury of being able to work with a 1380 at these schools like some people do.</p>