Vanderbilt 2026 ED app with or without test scores

DS considering ED to VU for class of 26 because he loves it and wants to take a shot.
Is there any data on %ED acceptance without test scores?

A grades
ACT 33
Varsity athlete
Community service

I see middle 50 ACT for class of 24 was 33-35. I believe it is higher for 2025, but cannot find hard real data.

Not sure of ED Chances with scores or without scores, any suggestions?

thanks for the time.

I don’t know of recent ED only data, broken out by test submitters vs non submitters.

What proportion of his core classes are honors/AP? What is his unweighted GPA, core courses only…is it straight As, so 4.0?

I would probably not send the 33 based on this scant info…unless your S is hooked, e.g., minority, first gen, pell grant eligible

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We were advised in 2025 that Vanderbilt was looking for high scores for those reported…1550 or 35. Seemed accurate.

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