Vanderbilt chances, please?

<p>White male, Chicago suburb
34 ACT
4.1 weighted GPA on a 4.8 weighted scale, ~30/380
760 SATII Literature
680 SATII U.S. History
660 SATII Math II
AP Language and Comp: 4
AP U.S. History: 4
Junior year - 2 AP classes
Senior year - 4 AP classes
4 years of Spanish
Great essays
Great interview
Great letters of rec. from 2 teachers, 1 counselor, and the guy I worked for at City Hall</p>

Elected to National Honor Society board of directors
Tiger Leaders (school volunteer organization)
High Honor Roll (all four years)
Raised over $200 for Haiti earthquake relief with school fundraiser
City Hall internship (Summer 2011)
Volunteer for State Rep. (Summer 2011)
Volunteer for Catholic Charities Chicago (Summer 2011)
National Merit Commended Student
Illinois State Scholar
Illinois Premier Boys State participant
4 Years varsity tennis</p>

<p>Things to add/improve
Scholastic Bowl/Academic Team (Winter 2011 - we look to have a very good team, possibly state-worthy)
Going to retake Math II and U.S. History SATIIs, and take Spanish SAT II.
Improving my grades (haven't gotten a single B this year, that doesn't look to change)
Another great LoR I received from a third teacher</p>


<p>You look like a competitive candidate; just a word of advice: retaking fairly good SAT II scores can look a little compulsive, and I doubt any improvement in scores will really register on the radar of the admissions committee. Also, you might want to reconsider sending FIVE letters of recommendation. You have enough strong components in your application as it is; you don't want to overwhelm the admissions committee.</p>

<p>Thanks, guys. Anyone else?</p>