Vanderbilt Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

 Vanderbilt RD Class of 2025

Has anyone been contacted about an interview yet? I opted in for one, but haven’t heard and wanted to see if this was out of the norm. I’m not sure when they usually do interviews for RD.

me neither


Our D hasn’t gotten an interview yet either. I would like her to have one. I’m wondering if RD interviews will start happening soon. Maybe they were focusing on the ED2 kids. Our S19 applied to Vandy RD and never got an interview. Was waitlisted.

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Thanks for the info

No contact about the interview for my D either.

requested an interview and haven’t heard anything, so assuming it won’t happen at this point. seems from the responses on this forum that that’s not uncommon.

Are we expecting them around April 1 for decisions? Are they normally that late? We weren’t able to do a visit and kind of holding off even sneaking down there is it’s a no go, but we are up in MA so it would be hard if she even got in to get a late decision visit and then make a decision before May 1.

Vanderbilt RD decisions typically pretty late. I think S found out March 27 or 28 in 2019.


Thanks so much

got email about interview coming… if you are lucky as they have limited resources. Randomly selected students will be interviewed.

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Yeah D got that email too. I’m sure it went to everyone who signed up for an interview

Where was the option to signup?

On the portal

D21 also got the same email. But she has applied to one of their merit scholarships. I was assuming that if kids are in consideration for scholarships, then interviews would be a must. Maybe she is not being considered since she has not received any interviews yet.

Interviews are just with alums who have no pull when it comes to those merit scholarships. I know many people who do alumni interviews and, so many times, it just has to do with how many alums they have to do interviews and it can be pretty random as to who gets them.

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Agree with @homerdog. If an interview is required for a scholarship, that will be a separate process and communicated clearly as a requirement. My D also received the email. I appreciated it as I keep seeing posts on CC from kids wondering why they haven’t been contacted for an interview. At least Vandy is setting the expectation that they will not be able to interview everyone. Not having an interview will not count against you.

Edit: Meant to reply to @bkhstips

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And Vanderbilt’s merit scholarships do not include interviews.

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@homerdog and @DramaMama2021 - Makes perfect sense. Thanks for the additional details. Agree 100% that Vanderbilt’s communications have been helpful to avoid unnecessary anxiety.