Vanderbilt Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

@CCadmin_Jon why is the decision date on here? It has not been announced. The poster above just said that LY’s decision was on the 25th. No one has heard from Vanderbilt on this year’s date yet.

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I agree. I think it’s a good prediction, but still just a prediction nonetheless

does this mean that CV rejections are coming out today?

Biomedical Engineering

CV scholarships & acceptance letter out via email last night!!
Engineering. Out of State applicant.
Good luck to all!


For background: This year we’ve been trying to crowd-source the decision dates. Based on that information, we’re editing thread titles. The goal is to get better information to applicants about when they can expect a decision and help them find the relevant discussion on CC.

Specifically for Vanderbilt, I edited the title based on this post. Happy to update the date based on consensus here, however.

If this process works as we hope, we’ll put together a smoother system for next year that so people can help more directly.


But I mean I have a list of all of last year’s decision dates but a lot of schools went releasing on those dates this year. Last year’s dates aren’t relevant. I don’t think release dates should be in the titles unless they are confirmed for this year.

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@homerdog @CCadmin_Jon Agree if the date is not officially announced by the university, this seems deceptive/confusing.

It seems that the title should say “TBD” or “Possibly March 26” but this implies it is definitely March 26.

It seems everyone who has got the CV letter is from engineering. Has anyone got something from non engineering.

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Alright. I updated the title based on the admissions site. As I said, this is an experiment. :wink: We want to make the title as useful as we can.


Totally agree with @homerdog.
Dates are great in the title, if they’re actually confirmed. Otherwise it just creates more confusion.

I received a CV letter and I was non-engineering

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Do you mind sharing your major.

Does anyone know when we are going to be notified for the Ingram Scholarship

Did you receive an email or letter in the mail? If we’re being rejected, do you think they’ll email out rejections?

Did you get an email or letter?

I received an email and my major was Earth and Environmental Sciences

Just got the CV rejection email

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Hm I’ve gotten neither a yes or no, I’m expecting a rejection but am still yet to hear anything :woman_shrugging:

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I got into MOSAIC earlier but I didn’t get the CV letter with it. It was only a week after that I received an email that I had gotten it.