Vanderbilt Class of 2027 Official Thread

did you upload your own quarter grades to the portal?

if so, are those gone as well from the “uploaded information” (bottom of the page)

yes i uploaded, This information has not disappeared


i uploaded them jan. 11 and both files are gone; i also don’t have the option anymore to upload these quarter/trimester grades

do you still have that option to upload (try the dropdown)?

thank you! sorry i’m nervous because out of the people i’ve asked i’m the only one with the grades disappearing

Don’t worry, I checked now and it’s gone :slight_smile:

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Did anyone who did ED2 to Vanderbilt receive an interview?

oh! is it possible that everyone’s quarter grades are taken away like the withdraw button (uploading results, probably), or just some?

nope, did you?

Not yet. Wonder if ED2 does not have interviews?

it is probably too late for interviews now, considering all the portal updates

just wondering, lol – did u upload quarter grades to ur portal? and if so, are they gone now?

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Yes and they are gone now.

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maybe they’re rolling out decisions right now by region or by acceptance/deferral/rejection, but i don’t think that’s entirely true

all we can probably conclude is that decisions will be released in the upcoming days

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EDI defferal here. As the decision date gets closer, the option to upload grades disappears. This is normal and doesn’t mean anything.

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Expect Feb 15th and forward, as that has been the trend for the last couple of years.


great, thank you for clarifying!

what about the “early decision agreement” disappearing too? also nothing to worry about, just the portal doing portal things?

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No problem!
Honestly, I don’t remember if the ED agreement disappeared or not. Nonetheless, I highly recommend not reading into portal astrology (ex. disappearing documents, buttons, options). You never want to make assumptions before the actual decision comes out, especially with a tough school like Vandy.

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yeah everyone’s disappeared so at this point it’s just knowing that the decision date is coming

i’m an international anyway so already got the expectation of a rejection LOL


Considering that schools are receiving more applicants than before, I wouldn’t be surprised if they push their decision date 3-4 days. FYI, they email you one day before decisions are released.

Internationals don’t have it easy, so I’m wishing you all the best! You will go where you’re meant to be.

vanderbilt usually gets 2.5k ED 2 applicants right? and they accept roughly 250? i think that was last year’s statistics

hopefully they compare applicants by region

thank you! good luck for your deferral as well

Hmm, that sounds about right, but I don’t know. The overall admit rate for EDI and ED2 combined is 17%.

Anyways, we’ll see what happens in the future. Finger-crossed :wink:

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did anyone submit a resume in their application?

if so, did you attach a portfolio showcasing some of your work that you may have mentioned in your ecs?