Vanderbilt Class of 2027 Official Thread

This is the official discussion thread for Vanderbilt Class of 2027 RD applicants. Ask your questions and connect with fellow applicants.

RD Application Deadline is: January 1

Good luck to everyone applying!


Has anyone received or been contacted for an alumni interview for Regular Decision?

Nothing yet

Did you have to request an interview for RD? Our applicant did not receive an email asking if they would like one? Does anyone know how many RD applicants are interviewed? Our small class had 3 ED acceptances, not feeling confident about a 4th admit during the RD round, but remaining hopeful.

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There was a place in the portal to request an interview. I requested one right when I set up my portal, but I have yet to receive one.

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We believe D’s application will be strengthened by submitting 12th grade 1st semester grades. I am confused on the formal process on how to do so. Might someone be able to shed any light. They have been uploaded to Common App by counselor, but Vanderbilt does not auto download them. Thank you!

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That is interesting information, thank you for sharing. I thought all colleges automatically downloaded the first semester grades. She could email her AO and say she was proud of her 1st semester grades and would like them considered with her application.


The counselor should send Vanderbilt her grades. Have D contact admissions, not her actual AO, because the portal specifically advises against it.

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What about quarter grades?

I submitted my 12th grade 1st semester quarter (November) grades through the MyAppVU portal. My semester grades don’t come out until Feb 6 or 7, which is only a few days before the ED2 results, so I thought the quarter grades would be a better option?

Or should I submit semester as well, just in case?

hi, i sent Vanderbilt an application update because i wanted to clarify a few things

  1. wind ensemble winning gold medal regional award, and explicitly mentioning wind ensemble competing at a national level and being invited to a national competition (which i listed in my original app, but not winning gold); an accomplishment i stated i was proud of and thought worthwhile to clarify
  2. correcting hours for varsity sport with reason to back it up; only thought hours counted when training with actual team, not dedicating time to it by myself
  3. correcting hours for business initiative with reason to back it up; beginning of the year only a few hours because recruiting people, but now more time spent to train and lead

i’m now overthinking and idk if that’s a correct way to use the “update application” feature. i just hope it doesn’t take too much of a toll on my app. thank you for your thoughts!

just checked my portal this morning, withdraw button just disappeared. anyone else have the same?

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Button is still there for us. Maybe it’s good news for you!

are you ED 2 or RD?

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RD. Sorry, should have specified.

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no worries, i forgot to specify i’m ed 2 lol. probably doesn’t mean too much, maybe that decisions will be released soon?


I would do both. Send quarter now since you have them and then have your school send semester as soon as they are available. Good luck!


great, thank you! i sent quarter grades january 11th which should hopefully be fine to take into consideration.

for semester grades, do you know if the counsellor emails the admissions office (admissions.vanderbilt@edu)? thank you !

Did anyone who submit quarter grades on the MyAppVU portal suddenly have them disappear? like at the “upload materials” section

ED 2 applicant, by the way


The withdrawal application button is gone on my portal, I’m ED2 applicant

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