Vanderbilt Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Whos applying ED 2?

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Hey there. For those students admitted to Vandy, is there an admitted students day for 2022? Just wondering…

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me! lowk nervous

A little admissions nugget.

  • Vanderbilt accepted 24% of their ED I applicants to the Class of 2026. Including the ED I and ED II rounds for the Class of 2025, the acceptance rate was 18% last year.
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I did read an article about this stat and it is puzzling. It said that if all things fall as they normally do that would only make room for approx. 300 ED2 applicants…given the same number of ED2 applications in the past cycle. It also stated that this was the first time Vandy deferred ED1 applications, I guess in the past ED1 applicants were either accepted or waitlisted. I wonder if they are tweaking their admissions strategy maybe to up the number of applicants that accept the admission offer…who knows? The article I read did say that the numbers you posted were on a admissions Vandy blog that was retracted so we may never know, but it is an interested admissions nugget to ponder.

Did anyone apply to Peabody ED1 or ED2? If ED1 what major/stats/were you accepted?

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Hey, I was accepted into Peabody ED 1. I’m currently undecided but considering majoring in HOD or Cognitive Studies. I have a 3.87 UW/4.2 W and 34 ACT. My stats are pretty average but I think what got me in were my essays and unique extracurriculars.

not accepted. 4.0, great essays, great ECs however it was not enough. I think submitting a competitive test score would have been the difference.

Chance me!
Applied ED2 with
4.6 W/3.94 UW
35 ACT
pretty strong ECs (with leadership) and essays
Studio Arts Major
(Private high school in OC, CA)

I’m having second thoughts after learning about the campus culture, so if anyone has insight on that pls lmk too!

Thanks in advance!!

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When do ED2 Decisions come out? I applied ED2 for Vandy and I can’t find anywhere the date of when ED2 comes out.

I don’t know if an actual date has been released…I believe it is just stated as “Mid-February.”

ed1 was dec 15 so probably feb 15 for you guys

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