Vanderbilt ED2 Class of 2025

Anyone applied to Vanderbilt under ED 2?

I did! Definitely a reach school for me though.

I did too! It’s a super reach for me as well, but I figured why not!

Me 4! As everyone else has said, it’s a super loooooooooooong reach for me too, but it seems like a good fit.

I had an alumni interview that went well about a month ago too, so fingers crossed.

Best of luck to everyone else, I’m already sitting on a couple acceptance letters from some state colleges so this is the last holdout.

Yes my daughter had her interview too. She said it was quite relaxed.

Her stats are

1480 SAT with great recommendations

She’s involved in HOSA and health science program since 9 th grade

I’m hoping she’s competitive enough for Vanderbilt.

Good luck to her! I have a similar standardized test score, and I loved my interview as well!

Thank you. I think the campus will be a good fit her so I’m hoping she is accepted.