Vanderbilt Merit Scholarships?

Which Vanderbilt merit scholarships should I apply to based on my application? (Chancellor’s vs. Ingram vs. CV)

Major: econ/math
Demographics: Second gen immigrant, White, suburban, competitive hs
Stats: Perfect GPA with high SAT, SAT 2 scores, AP scores
Rank: Tied for valedictorian
Coursework: 12 APs and 2 dual enrollment, the rest honors
Awards (pretty lacking): A few essay contests, Science Olympiad medals, Rensselaer Medal, National Merit Semi-finalist (predicted), Cum Laude Society, French Honor Society

In school ECs: JSA (Co-Prez) Science Olympiad (Treasurer) Scholastic Bowl (Officer) Math Team (may be captain next year but who knows)

Out of school ECs: Substantial organizing role in political campaign, lots of political volunteering, internship with political campaign, internship with political party, staff writer for student economics publication.

Community service: Founded a program related to mental health of senior citizens during COVID-19, participated in leadership and community service centered backpacking trips and accepted as counselor for 11th summer (cancelled due to COVID-19)

Summer Programs: Study abroad in France, selective summer program related to literature

First review the criteria and essay prompt for each scholarship. See which one(s) fit your ECs and proven interest(s), and then take a crack at the one(s) that seem to fit you best. Watch the deadlines for each. Remember that Vandy has excellent FA that requires no extra essays or special application process other than FAFSA. Good luck!

As a National Merit Scholar, you will receive $5000 annually in merit scholarship from Vanderbilt (inclusive of any other money you get from National Merit,) or $2000 (also inclusive) if you are awarded any other scholarship I believe. Check for the specifics.