Vanderbilt transfer 2022

Hi there! I got waitlisted last year with a 3.65 gpa and no act or sat. I have a 3.58 now with lots of extra curriculars and good reccomendations do you think it will hurt significantly now having a 3.5 as it is a lower gpa for the school? Also there’s no thread yet for this years transfer students so pls share stats and info below if u want! I would be applying for the health, medicine, and society major to go into dentistry coming from a state school in minnesota

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Have a 3.88 in 14 credits from top 40 university in 14 credits. Do I have good shot?

hi all! applying as a transfer from top 45 uni.
gpa: 3.88, 17 credit hours
act: 35
strong ec’s and reccs

I’m applying for transfer as a health, medicine, and society major on pre-med track from a top 2 University in Canada
Gpa: 3.8
Strong ec’s (lots of leadership-something vandy values)
Strong recs
Do I have a chance to get in? Is the MHS Major competitive to transfer into? Is being an international student going to hurt my chances? Thanks!

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Hiii! I’m from Canada too! Good luck!

do you figure out how many credits will transfer over before you submit your app or after and if accepted?

The school figures that out for you once you’re accepted.

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HS GPA: Not very good, but since I have over 60 credits, hopefully they’ll focus less on HS.
Current College: A Ny community college
Current College GPA: 3.85. I do have an associates with distinction and presidents list.
Intended Major: Human and Organizational Development
Hooks: Talked about how I identify with the lgbtq+ community, and could bring my experiences to Vanderbilt’s community. Idk if that’s a hook lol.
Essays: I would say my essays are pretty good.
ECs: Chief Officer of Alpha Beta Gamma(Business Honor Society). Member of Accounting Club. Also work 25 hours a week.

I would say I have a decent chance, what do other people think?

High school: meh GPA. Valedictorian. Good amount of ecs but nothing special to put on the app. 2/3 APs.

Canadian university: 4.0/4.0 GPA (3 A+'s 2 A’s) (17 credits, will have 33)


  • Created and developed a mental health app on the IOS App Store that kinda blew up. 100k+ downloads and fundraised $20,000. Was featured on Global News and a few other national news/15+ radio stations and podcasts. Keynote speaker at LGBTQ+ mental health conference. Some other pretty cool stuff.
  • A good amount of research work. I presented my research on a type of brain cancer at a national research conference at Harvard University this month. Presented other research on computational neuroscience at 2 other research conferences at my uni this month. Presenter at a few other cancer research conferences at other unis around Canada. Participated in quite a few research competitions. A few prizes. Also a TEDx Speaker on computational neuroscience research.
  • Published book on computational neuroscience this month on Amazon. #1 Best Seller on Amazon Kindle’s Top 100 Robotics Best Sellers list.
  • Hold executive positions at 2 clubs at my uni (a mental health club and another centred around medical relief for children in Ghana)
  • Lots of community service at local daycare (work with special needs children) and hospital. Fundraised 15k.
  • Lots of other research stuff like studentships and leadership role
  • some other stuff and awards

Hooks: none yikes

Not applying for finacial aid, Asian, test-optional

Intended major: computational neuroscience or cog sci

Thanks for reading! Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Lookin’ good boss. Good luck!

Thanks! You look like you have a really good shot! Lots of EC’s you got.

What do you mean by hooks?

I guess something that helps you stand out lol. I saw other people in different threads that had hooks.

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Logan got it right

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HS GPA: 3.4
Current College: Westchester Community College
Current College GPA: 3.96, I will have an associates degree at the end of the semester.
Intended Major: Elementary Education
ECs: Phi Theta Kappa member, work 30 hours a week at a preschool, and babysitting since 15 years old.

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does vandy even offer a computational neuro major?

No idea haha haven’t started my application. Cognitive science hopefully :slight_smile:

Hey, I’ve been following these Vanderbilt threads since last year. Vandy is my very 1st choice.

I was denied admission Early Decision for fall 2021 and was admitted to two Ivy League schools through the first-year admission cycle. I did not attend either school, instead enrolled at Belmont University which is across the street from Vandy’s campus.

Both high school and college GPAs are certainly competitive at a school like Vanderbilt.
SAT: 1530
ACT: 35
(Submitted both to Vandy ED-rejected; Submitted ONLY ACT-Harvard and Yale accepted)

Besides Vanderbilt, I reapplied to several Ivies, Northwestern (triple legacy; denied first-year), and Wake Forest (accepted first-year) for transfer admission.

I feel strongly about what Vandy has to offer me. I’d take Vanderbilt over any school.

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Only reason you do not get in is if they think this is too good to be true or you do not express why Vandy specifically enough so they think you will go somewhere else

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thanks! just got accepted to uchicago TED. I guess I won’t be trying for vandy.