Vanderbilt transfer 2022

Hi there! I got waitlisted last year with a 3.65 gpa and no act or sat. I have a 3.58 now with lots of extra curriculars and good reccomendations do you think it will hurt significantly now having a 3.5 as it is a lower gpa for the school? Also there’s no thread yet for this years transfer students so pls share stats and info below if u want! I would be applying for the health, medicine, and society major to go into dentistry coming from a state school in minnesota

Have a 3.88 in 14 credits from top 40 university in 14 credits. Do I have good shot?

hi all! applying as a transfer from top 45 uni.
gpa: 3.88, 17 credit hours
act: 35
strong ec’s and reccs

I’m applying for transfer as a health, medicine, and society major on pre-med track from a top 2 University in Canada
Gpa: 3.8
Strong ec’s (lots of leadership-something vandy values)
Strong recs
Do I have a chance to get in? Is the MHS Major competitive to transfer into? Is being an international student going to hurt my chances? Thanks!

Hiii! I’m from Canada too! Good luck!