Vanderbilt transfer 2022

I stopped by Cornell last week. Impressive campus although seems like a pretty steep hill to maneuver between the school and downtown Ithaca

Thanks! I’m coming from WashU in STL (seems like tons of people are transferring out) where I was declared as a CS major but applied to transfer as a physics major.

Congrats on Duke! I had always considered WUSTL to be a world-class research university. So, just curious, what is the key reason you (and your peers) are transferring out?

I am also curious about your reason for leaving WashU. My daughter almost went there. The campus, academics, research and medical school matriculation was impressive. She was ready to sign on the dotted line until our visit. Sadly, she felt like the social scene was lacking. Even though she is a nerd (lol), it felt too nerdy to her. When she randomly asked students on campus what they did in their free time for fun, the answers were, “play the trumpet in my mariachi band,” “volunteer at a hospital,” “make cookies and watch Disney movies…We love The Little Mermaid,” etc. My daughter left the campus in tears.

Hmmm, these seem like very isolating kinds of things to do for fun. I would have thought go to a new restaurant or go to a guest lecture where robust discussions can happen and ideas can be shared and connections can form among incredibly diverse folks… That was what I found great about the college experience. Sounds like this may not be such a fun place to be a student…

Did anyone get an email titled “Thanks for your interest.” It told me I would find out really soon on my waitlist?

Do you mind sending a screenshot of what the email looks like?

I got an email just now asking if I still wish to remain on the waitlist. Anyone else?


Yep also got it

No I just got one about 30 mins ago saying Vanderbilt Waitlist Information and it just asked me if I was still interested in going and proceeded to tell me that I have until Friday to say yes or no to continuing being on the waitlist

Me too. Which college do you apply to?

Arts and Science!

Awwww, Mine is Peabody. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Good luck to you too :slight_smile:

Has anyone heard anything on the waitlist yet?