Vanderbilt Transfer Fall 2021

Decided to create this year’s thread. I know it’s early lol

Wow this thread is really quiet. Did anyone else apply to Vandy?

You could join this one :blush:


When should we expect to hear back from Vandy?

Hopefully this week or next they came out may14 last year but that might’ve been pushed back cuz rona

can I still apply here or are apps closed?

Decisions r ~a week away from coming out…

Yes you can still apply. The website says:

While you are strongly encouraged to meet our March 15 priority application deadline, we’ll continue to review applications on a rolling basis until we close our class over the summer months.

perfect thanks

if you do view-source: in front of the URL when you are in your portal does anyone else see the word decision twice?

Hey everyone! I just wanted to check in to this thread, I applied to the Political Science major!

It’s out. I didn’t get in

Decisions are out or at least the first wave. Accepted Here!!!


Admission Decision: Admitted (today 04/22/201)
Applied: 02/08/2021
Major: Environmental Sociology
Class Level: Rising Junior
Transfer from a public state university in Florida
College GPA: 3.89
HS GPA: 3.3
Good EC’s and strong essay!

Good luck to everyone!

p.s: would anyone who is admitted be interested in creating a group chat

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Most are using this thread. Might want to ask about creating a group chat there.
“Vanderbilt University Fall 2021 Transfer Thread”

I was just accepted!

I made a group me for accepted students:

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3.94 GPA from one of the UCs, rising sophomore, waitlisted.
The waitlist decision is rolling, but schools using the semester system end in May, but UCs end in June. Will my change be weakened because my school finish later and I am not able to update my grade in May:((

U can prob reach out to them and ask if u can fill out some sort of midterm report I’m sure they wouldn’t turn down additional info for WL applicants

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3.975 GPA from one of the UC
Currently freshman
48 credit taken in UC(about 12 courses)
Average ec
SAT superscore 1510
Strong personal statement and letter of recommendation?(not sure lol)