Vanderbilt Transfer Waitlist 2022

We can use this as a thread to discuss our waitlist status.

My Stats:
3.7 at a T25 (at the time of applying, 3.75 now)
3.56 UW, 4.22 W HS GPA
1570 SAT, 35 ACT
Good letters of rec and essays, decent ECs/awards.

Time for a Letter of Continued Interest now, I guess.

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Applied as HOD major
Current College: A Ny community college
Current College GPA: 3.87. I do have an associates with distinction and presidents list. I sent my final grades, got a 4.0 for the semester.
Essays: I would say my essay are pretty good.
ECs: Chief Officer of Alpha Beta Gamma(Business Honor Society). Member of Accounting Club. Also work 25 hours a week.
Letters of Recommendation: One written by the head of the accounting department at my college. Another written by the direction of my college’s social sciences department.

I hope we hear back soon!

Any ideas when people should hear back? I got waitlisted in the first wave.

R we supposed to submit to LOCIs directly to our designated AO or wait for the school to email us for demonstrated interest?

The AO for our territory is no longer at Vandy. Sadly, they don’t have an AO at this time. We just contacted the admissions.

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My daughter was also waitlisted yesterday:-( Vanderbilt is her only transfer application. Just finished her first year at UVA, 4.0 premed. Valedictorian of HS, 1520 SAT, founded non-profit, two varsity sports, and long resume. Applied as a neuroscience major. I worry that this transfer application cycle is more competitive than normal bc the graduating HS class of 2021 had such a tough year with college acceptances. Too many sophomores are looking to make a move.

Does anyone know how Vandy handles the waitlist? Is it ranked? Are they just waiting for students that decline an acceptance? When will the wait list close?

Thank you for any information:)

Unfortunately the waitlist is extremely competitive, therefore it is unlikely one will get off (though I heard it is still possible). AFAIK the waitlist closes in the end of July, and you chance of getting off can be dependent on which program you choose. Correct me if I am wrong but I do not think the waitlist is ranked overall.

Applying for Econ major
4.0/4.0 at a local CC
No standardized testing
Good recommendations from Econ

EC… is the tricky part. I had a startup and I also worked at a competition regulation agency.
Lots of econ-related job experiences, but I don’t think this worked too well during my transfers.

I got waitlisted on April 28, sent LOCI

Good luck everyone

Applying for Architecture and the Built Environment
4.0/4.0 at an LAC
3.88 HS GPA

Applying for neuroscience
3.94 at T50
92.38 unweighted HS GPA (with AP classes, college classes, etc.)/95.67 weighted
Tons of extracurriculars with leadership positions/internships

Communications in Science & Technology (CSET)
3.79 @ CC
2.7UW, 3.5W HS | NO ACT/SAT
2 Presidency Leadership Positions, 1 Founding Board Position
1 Internship (Over 6 months+ Work 30 hours a week)

WL sent LOCI same day

Has anyone heard anything yet?

Nope. There are rumors of a small wave of acceptance, but nothing concrete yet.

This wait is insanity, good lord. I have to consider housing options for my safety before I can only rent 2k off campus homes…

The wait indeed is insanity. If we had any chances of at least guessing our odds of acceptance, the process would have been much more tolerable. I’m going to take the waitlist conservatively and think I’m rejected.


I agree. I will take this as a soft rejection.

Just read Vandy closed their freshman waitlist. Hopefully they’ll find time to now to address the transfer waitlist.

Anything happening with transfer waitlist?