Vanderbilt University EDII Decisions 2012

<p>Letters are in the mail! I was hoping that when everyone receives his/her letter, he/she can post the decision as well as his/her stats so we can get a good look at the new class of 2016! I know I'm going crazy waiting for my letter... Good luck everybody!</p>

<p>-School you applied to: (College of Arts & Sciences, Blair School of Music, School of Engineering, or Peabody College)
-Intended Major:
-Unweighted/weighted GPA (out of 4.0):
-Scores (SAT / ACT / Subject Tests / AP Scores):
-Extra Curricular activities:
-Legacy / URM / Ethnicity (Hook):
-Location (Ex: NY):


<p>College of Arts & Sciences
Intended Major: Pre-med/Psychology
Unweighted GPA: 4.0
ACT Score: 33 Composite 10 Writing
Extra Curricular Activities/Leadership:
President of Leo Club senior year, board of directors junior year
Secretary of FBLA two years (member for three years)-placed in regional and state competitions
Church youth group member for seven years-mission trips
Beta Club member all four years
Bank Advisory Board (only 10 members selected through applications)-major community service
Giles Youth Leadership (only 10 members selected through applications)
Journalism (12th-it's a class too)
Peer Educators (10th-12th)
Book Club (10th-12th)
Babysitting daily for 2-3 hours during my junior and senior year
Popcorn girl at the bank on Fridays my senior year (I literally get paid to pass out free popcorn)
Legacy/URM/Ethnicity (Hook): white female from a small town, not really any hooks
Location: Pulaski, TN (small town haha)
Strengths/Weaknesses: My school didn't offer APs, but I took all the most challenging classes I could. Also, I had the highest stats in my county which I think was a strength. I did the alumni interview as well, and I had two alumni recommendations. Basically I did everything I could to show how interested I am.</p>

<p>So excited to meet all of you on move-in day!!</p>