Vanderbilt University Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

Congratulations! :tada: Did you receive an email?

wow congrats! so good to hear back such soon😮. If you are comfortable, could you tell us when did you send a love letter to the admissions, if any?

nope i didn’t send a loci

Thank you! Received an email stating waitlist had been cleared and then an acceptance letter popped up in the portal. A note expressing continued interest was sent two days ago.

Best of luck to all waiting!!



Wait so what does the waitlist being cleared mean?

It meant that my son had been taken off the waitlist and had a pending offer in the portal.

Oh gotcha. Also where did your son send the continued interest note?

does anyone know how they determine who gets off the WL since they don’t rank applicants?

For those who got off the wl, did u send in any updates before getting off?

One sent a LOCI and one sent nothing.

Has anyone not received any decision so far?

ah I haven’t received my first decision yet

I think only internationals would be in this situation lmao

I am a little confused, could you elaborate on this?

do they release waitlists in waves too? oh my gosh how long are poeple going to have to wait

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So based on what I know from this forum, only a few international applicants have not received their first decision. Just like me. I think the school has different pools according to applicants’ nationalities, as a few American folks have already gotten off the waitlist. It’s kinda funny.

I don’t know what’s going on man, but I haven’t asked my counselor about that.

Yup still have no descision. This is super weird though… It seems a few international students still haven’t gotten their decision yet. But I know other international students who already got their decisions! Which makes this even more frustrating. Good luck to the rest of you guys, congrats to those who got off the waitlist, and let’s just keep holding on!


bro have u asked ur counselor though??
im kinda worried lmao