Vanderbilt University Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

I’m also an international applicant and got waitlist on April 22th. I think it may depends on when you submitted your application.

I did email them, but all she said was to just wait as they are working to release decisions as quickly as possible. I did send it three weeks ago doe… maybe I should call???

Drop the number

Welp. Gonna have to be next week, I don’t think they work weekends…

Just got waitlisted. Good luck guys!


I wonder if this is the last wave

Do you think they will send out more decisions this week

i would think so, yes.

Why are there so many waitlists? That’s so weird. I’m still waiting to hear back from the waitlist and I was waitlisted in mid April

i know right! same

I was waitlisted the very first wave I wish we would hear something do you know when they normally close the waitlist

They mentioned that it would be by mid July… Waitlist Information for Transfer Applicants | Prospective Students | Undergraduate Admissions | Vanderbilt University

got off waitlist a few days ago! i didnt send anything additional

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Congrats omg! did you happen to apply for financial aid?

i did not

Congratulations! May I ask if you’re a domestic or international student?

I’ve been reading this thread for a bit. I had a question for people who are still on the waitlist. Are you still willing to be on the waitlist when housing applications close tomorrow meaning living off-campus? Also, the fact that students are already registering for classes.

I will still accept if I get off the waitlist


^ same here