Vanderbilt University Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

Have you guys committed to another school already?

I committed to UVA but uncommitted because no way would i be able to afford it so If I don’t get accepted I’ll go to University of Wisconsin

aren’t we guaranteed housing on campus though isn’t everyone required to live on campus at vandy if we get off the waitlist?

Idk maybe but I think they have less availability because of covid still. I have friend who goes there and lives off-campus so idk

I emailed my counselor and she said that the deadline is only for students who are already admitted. Waitlisted students are “special cases” and will still be guaranteed on-campus housing. So no worries.

D was just accepted off the waitlist. Completely surprised! Going to visit tomorrow!

Not yet.

Did you guys apply for financial aid?

No we didn’t.

When did you submit your LOCI, if you did?

She submitted her LOCI about a week after she was waitlisted.

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And how long was that before she got off the waitlist yesterday? Sorry if I’m asking too much :((

Congrats!! :tada:

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No worries! She was in the big WL wave May 20th sent her LOCI around the 27th and received an email offering her an acceptance yesterday.

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Anyone else get another continued interest for the waitlist email?

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are they just automatically send the question to everyone or to those few they considered on the waitlist?

That’s what I’m wondering as well

But I think they’re just automatically sending it to everyone

I just got the email as well I think it’s for everyone I hope we get answers soon