Vanderbilt v. Cornell (Engineering)

We would appreciate opinions on the better choice, Vanderbilt or Cornell, for my D studying engineering. Cornell has a more highly ranked engineering program, but Vanderbilt has offered her the Cornelius Vanderbilt scholarship (full tuition and fees) and she will receive no aid at Cornell (full pay). Any considerations would be appreciated, but (1) she does generally like both campus environments, (2) she has no concern regarding the Cornell winter and (3) ultimately we could afford Cornell if worthy of the additional cost. Thanks much.


I’d grab the money and go to Vandy.

It is not clear what was the major, but she could always go to Cornell as a graduate student.

Pick Vandy. Engineering is a hard science. Both schools are ABET accredited. That’s what matters the most for engineering. Employers care about skills in Engineering more than prestige. On top of it, both are private and highly selective with small class sizes so its not as if you debating between a larger state flagship and a private school. Engineering ranking really matters for Graduate programs, specially at the doctoral level where there is a very strict hierarchy for academic hiring. So save the money for grad school

I second this ^^