Vanderbilt vs. Michigan

<p>Hi all,
So I'm an international student that has been accepted to both Vanderbilt and Michigan's College of Arts and Science. I am a transfer student so my max. stay in both school is 2-3 years. I want to double major in Econ and Woman's Studies.
I am more familiar with the environment in Michigan, since I've been in a Community College here for two years. I've been to Ann Arbor a few times and I enjoy the atmosphere. At the same time, Michigan is a very BIG school and that's a turnoff for me. I've never visited Vanderbilt, but I heard some great stuff about it: small classes, nice profs, nice city etc. But, Michigan is also well known for it's academics as well...(Plus, my boyfriend goes there; so, I'm a bit convinced to go there. Even though I would like to leave emotions out of the equation)
I'm having quite a tough time making this decision. Which one do you think has a more rigorous academic program? Which one has better profs and students? Which one has better internship opportunities and research opportunities for undergraduates? Do I get more flexibility in double majoring and interdisciplinary studies in Vanderbilt? Social life is not that big of a factor for me, plus I think both schools are quite similar on that factor. </p>

<pre><code> Thank you all so much!! Any additional advice will do as well :)

<p>go to michigan</p>