Vanderbilt Waitlist 2025

I didn’t see a Waitlist 2025 so figured I start one. Anyone on the waitlist? Anyone have advice that was on the waitlist the last few years and got in?


Had same questions

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hoping for the best!

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On the waitlist. Accepted to UCSD among a few others. Vanderbilt is first choice. From California. Praying.

On the waitlist too. I’m waiting to hear from brown before I send a LOCI

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did you guys get an email after accepting your place on the waitlist?


No. You?

no i didn’t

hey waitlist gang- anyone submit a letter of loci yet? I’m not sure if this is a me problem, but I cannot find my AO’s email address anywhere on the website- it just has a bunch of boxes and says “send a message”. can anyone else see their AO’s email address on the website?

Same. When I emailed that I had additional info it was a “contact me” kinda thing…then said send AO’s name message. Wasn’t an actual email. Someone else answered my email. Still trying to figure out how to get the loci to the write person. I know you can upload updates…

If you guys log into your portal and click on the decision tab, I believe if you scroll down a bit there is a big CONNECT heading on the right side with your AO’s contact info

Have you gotten a response from your AO after sending your LOCI?

anyone know the earliest we can receive a final decision?

Pretty sure the first week of May. Thats the deadline for people to accept Vandy.

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Has anyone received a response from an AO for your LOCI?

what school at vandy are y’all waitlisted in?

Both daughters are WL for Engineering.

College of Arts and Sciences

My son is waitlisted for Arts & Sciences.