Vanderbilt Waitlist 2025

just got another email about interest in remaining on the waitlist… guess they’re not done!

Yep my twins as well!

Hey Guys! Another waitlist update, but I would like to note some change in language between the three update messages. The 1st once sent on April 26 notes that your response will be important “when the began making decisions” meaning they would not begin until May, the one sent May 4th states the response is for “when they once again make decisions” the one sent out today states the response is important for “IF THEY MAKE ADDITIONAL DECISIONS
That has me feeling like the class is at capacity but I’m glad to have received an update!

Agreed. But does anyone remember if the test score tab has always been there?

hmm i dont remember that being there

Yeah, I don’t remember that being there either

What test scores tab?

At the top where it has tabs with things like Admissions, Status, Scholarships, etc. there is now a 5th tab with Test Scores.

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Ahh I don’t have that I’m looking rn and it’s just 4 tabs. Did you apply test optional?

I have it and I applied with test scores. I don’t think I submitted official reports tho.

I applied with test scores

My twins applied with test scores and both have the tab now.

Here in California, we couldn’t test…unless we went out of state…couldn’t afford to do that.

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My twins tested before the pandemic

Same here (my waitlisted son is in CA and could never take the test). At some point even if we had wanted to travel out of state, it felt unfair/like a privilege to do so when so many others couldn’t. We didn’t want to play that game, so he applied without scores. It is what it is! But I do think it make some schools a little harder to get accepted to.

I don’t think applying test optional really affected anyone’s chances here. I saw that the acceptance rate was pretty much the same for students who did and did not apply with test scores to Vanderbilt