Vanderbilt Waitlist 2025

yeah I think we all did. When I saw it, my initial response was also like ■■■■ did I get in :joy:

me too ugh i was really hoping i got in

Did you get this just now? Today?

yeap! Just now! Check your spam folder?

Should I inform my admissions officer that I am on track to be one of my school’s valedictorians?

I did not attend or sign up for waitlist info session. Did get off the waitlist


Seems to me it’s all dependent on who denied their admissions offer. They will look for someone who fits that same profile in the waitlist.

Yes, that’s how it works. But they do consider EFC too some years for waitlisted students. So I’m guessing if two students would both fill the gap and one is higher income, they may get the spot over the other student some years

Did you accept Vanderbilt?

No - have to decide within next couple of days. Most likely to stick with my current commitment.

this might be a good sign! i got an email around 4/29 asking if im still interested in vandy, but im not sure everyone got it ughh… def keep your hopes up!

Everyone gets the emails

Yes, my twin daughters (engineering) got the initial email asking about interest in staying on the waitlist, and then a second round today.

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DS was admitted (engineering) yesterday. This will be our 2nd at Vandy. Nashville is a great place for college students. The town is growing, but plenty for students there.


I think you’re right. If they have two students with the same profile as the one that declined their admissions offer, they’ll look to other factors to differentiate, like EFC, interest, etc

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Was it sent yesterday and you’re just seeing it?

Yes, my S got the “if still interested” email few hours back.

Hey guys. I got off the waitlist into arts and sciences day before. EFC came to just about 11k per year. Sat superscore 1590. Sent in loci on 29th april. Have committed although im still on the wharton and williams waitlists. Also, i didn’t attend the waitlist session that peeps are talking about here. I’m American but have lived abroad my entire life. Let me know if you guys want to know anything.


Update: i have withdrawn from the waitlists since vandy was my top choice

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1590 and you were waitlisted for a non-impacted major? What chance do the rest of us have? I am mid 1500s and waitlisted for CS.