Vandy Econ vs Rice MTEC vs UT Finance vs Wake Forest Finance

<p>I am currently a rising Senior in high school and just like everyone else on CC I am interested in investment banking. My question is which of the aforementioned programs would prepare me best for the world of finance and eventually for an MBA as well as put me in the best position to land a job after graduation? I know all of these schools have their pro's and their con's, but they are currently my top choices so if we could refrain from bashing them and stick to the question it would be much appreciated.</p>

<p>If you want to do investment banking, your top priority is "to land a job after graduation." Those schools may be your top choices, but none of them are top targets. If you want the best shot at banking, you want Ivies, MIT, Stanford, Duke, UMich Ross, Northwestern, a few others. Out of all of those, I would would go with</p>

<p>UT/Rice (don't know what MTEC is)

<p>But you should really try to get into a target.</p>

<p>Ok thanks Giants. "MTEC" is mathematical economic analysis. Just to clarify I am not obsessed with NYC and ending up on Wall Street. Maybe I should rephrase my question as which one of these programs will prepare me and help me get a job with some sort of private equity firm or non-NYC investment bank. Basically all of these schools are regional schools and which one is most respected/recruited from in the south? (by the way UT would most likely not be Business Honors or Plan II)</p>

<p>I think UT is probably the best in terms of recruiting activities.</p>

<p>It's really tough to get into any sort of PE firm out of undegrad. Maybe a handful of kids across the nation are able to do it annually. If you're in the business school at UT, you should have good opportunities with Houston IBs. Not sure how Rice compares w/ UT as I'm not very familiar with the school, but seems like should be up there. If you go with Vandy or Wake, good luck.</p>

<p>Thank you giants and Sam lee. That is exactly what I was looking for.</p>

<p>UT would definitely be the best in terms of recruiting.
On a side note, Vandy has recruiters from all the BB's and I is somewhat easier to get because there is less competition. Not every kid at Vandy wants to be an i-banker.</p>