Vandy friendliness?

<p>I've heard both sides of the spectrum, that Vandy is either very friendly and everyone finds their niche, or that people are stuck up and in constant competition with one another.</p>

<p>Vandy students, which one of these situations would you use to describe the school? I'm just kind of apprehensive because I've been pretty preppy my whole life and I don't know what the frats are like down there (meaning if I'd be able to find my niche).</p>

<p>By the way, I get to have dinner with the entire Vanderbilt basketball team tomorrow night!!! The joys of knowing Scott Hundley, former Vandy basketball player...... :-D</p>

<p>Well, I think we are a very friendly college. It's small enough that you get to know faces and people easily, and large enough to find your niche. As for the stuck-up image that is just false propaganda.</p>