Vandy growing, improving through Ivy rejects (news item)

<p>"Application numbers rise to record levels again
Higher average SAT's and better academic records typify applicants for the class of 2009.</p>

<p>by Sean Seelinger
February 02, 2005</p>

<p>Vanderbilt received a record number of applications again this winter, up just over four percent from last year's 11,148.</p>

<p>"What I like about a four percent increase is that we build every year, but it is not impossible for high schools to council (their students)," said William Shain, dean of undergraduate admissions.</p>

<p>Shain described the admissions process as admitting a smaller group of superior applicants.</p>

<p>Last year's acceptance rate dropped to 38 percent and Shain projects an even lower rate this year.</p>

<p>Vanderbilt's yield rate, the percentage of accepted students who enroll also rose to a record level creating a class that was slightly larger than planned
Early decision round one acceptances were down from 58 to 55 percent this year, Shain said. Applications increased 13.6 percent with an average SAT increase of 11 points.</p>

<p>Early decision round two applications were up 15.4 percent with an average SAT increase of 29 points...."</p>

<p>Thanks, Byerly. I might be joining the crowd of Ivy rejects at Vandy myself, next year. Or heck-- maybe merit money would lure me away from an offer from Harvard or Yale.</p>

<p>This rapid increase in selectivity has made me a touch sad, (if you'll tolerate my sentimentality) though, in that people who formerly would have had no trouble being admitted, and really would like to go to Vanderbilt, do not get in as a result of an increase in competition-- but then many admits do not go, as they have offers from more prestigious schools. I see a lot of this, living near Nashville. I felt a little callous, watching a friend cry after her ED rejection, knowing that I will get in (having been recruited heavily by the music school), but probably will not go.</p>

<p>that girl that got declinced..what were her stats?</p>

<p>Pretty high GPA-- I think about 3.9 or a bit above; SAT of 1190 (the biggest issue); strong high school curriculum including AP science, calculus, and a college language class.</p>

<p>that sucks..i applied edII there and i find out in like two stats were a little i hope i can make it.</p>

<p>Good luck. Let us know.</p>

<p>Fiddle: how did the audition go at Vandy?</p>

<p>Very well! Thanks for asking. I had a wonderful lesson with Mr. Teal, who was very encouraging.</p>