Vandy vs. Hopkins

<p>HELP ME! I honestly need help deciding between Vanderbilt and Hopkins for engineering....I only have a few days left to decide, and I am stuck in the middle...</p>

<p>My biggest complaint about each school is that Vandy is too preppy for me and Hopkins is too competitive....Any advice on these two topics would be great....Any other advice would also be greatly appreciated! Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>JHU has much better engineering programs. The overall Engineering student faculty:ratio @ JHU is 8:1 but in some programs like Materials Science it's 3:1. Johns Hopkins is ranked #1 for Bio-engineering and Top 5 nationally for Environmental Engineering. Additionally, JHU's other programs (Geography, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering) are excellent. JHU is ranked among the Top 7 private universities for undergraduate engineering in US News. Many engineering students pick Hopkins over top public Engineering schools like Michigan, GA Tech and Berkeley because classes at JHU are much smaller and undergrads receive a lot more attention. Engineering is not easy anywhere. I don't know why you think the students would be so much more competitive with eachother than Vandy engineering students. Hopkins students are smarter but most of them I've meet seemed extemely nice. You should definitely visit and chat with students at both schools. Close to a third of JHU undergrads are Engineering majors so it shouldn't be hard to track one down.</p>