Vandy Vs Nova

<p>I am trying to decide between Vanderbilt and Nova and i have no idea which to choose..</p>

<p>I am a spanish female from MA and I don't know if I would fit into the whole Southern atmosphere in Nashville, which seems like a completely different culture that would be hard to adjust too, especially with all the platinum Southern blondes running around.. but overall it is an amazing school. And Villanova is great too..... what does anyone think?</p>

<p>both schools have "preppy" student bodies. Vandy has more prestige.</p>


<p>Vanderbilt is far more prestigious and better academically. Vanderbilt should be your pick without a doubt and I'm sure you'll meet some fine southern gentleman.</p>

<p>The academic difference here is so great that I have to say go with Vandy. I don't think the social life is all that different, either; both schools are mostly white & Christian, quite preppy in style, Greek life is popular, etc.</p>

<p>Both are preppy but Vanderbilt is MUCH better</p>

<p>I also side with Vandy. They are so similar, it almost certainly comes down to academics, in which Vandy is the clear winner</p>

<p>when i got my Villanova acceptance letter i crumpled it up at threw it in the trash, when I got my Vanderbilt acceptance letter I blasted Darude's--Sandstorm and started dancing around my house recklessly.</p>

<p>Go to Vandy.</p>

<p>And Vandy's preppiness is balanced with a larger and more interesting subculture than you might expect.</p>