Vanity Fair, Vogue Internships

<p>I'm still in high school but i was wondering if anyone knows how hard it is to get internships with Vanity Fair or Vogue during the summers if you attend a university like Brown or Amherst?</p>

<p>It will be hard to get an internship at any major magazine just because there is so much competition. Your experience in the industry and your writing skills probably matter more than what school you attend.</p>

<p>This wouldn't help you as a high school student but when you're a college student it'll help you: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Well I am still in High school class of 2011 and have been interning every summer at Conde Nast since I was in 9th grade. My god-mother is a senior editor at VOGUE so for me it was only a phone call away.</p>

<p>How does that help her? She asked about her chances of interning there, not whether your connections meant an internship was handed to you on a silver platter.</p>

<p>How do you know it's a her? :)</p>

<p>These kind internships, unless you're really stellar, can be gained by networking and connections. Talk to people about your dreams and goals... down the road, someone's going to know someone who knows someone..... etc etc who works at one of the major magazines.</p>

<p>hey! i'm pretty sure that unless barbie over there you have super stellar awesome connections (which i'm super jealous of, so barbie444, if you're a kind, generous person, I would love to talk to you, but you're first post doesn't exactly make you sound very sincere), it's nearly impossible to get an internship with a major magazine while still in high school. what you definitely should try to do if you're serious about this is call up some local publications--the local newspaper, a local county/city magazine--and ask them if they are accepting interns (even really small magazines usually have some sort of style section). getting something like that on your resume, and possibly even some writing samples, can be very helpful when you eventually apply for a competitive internship. also possibly try starting a blog and writing yourself. sounds cliche, but can definitely be helpful in working on your writing skills, getting a feel for what you're interested in, and believe it or not, if it's decent and well written, it can even be put on your resume--it shows you're passionate about what you want to do</p>

<p>now, once you're in college you can start looking into applying for internships, this is because the majority of internships require you do it for credit. it is VERY DIFFICULT to get an internship with Vanity Fair or Vogue or any major magazine for that matter...there is a lot of competition. I will repeat what someone else already IS YOUR BIBLE. CHECK THE INTERNSHIP SECTION EVERY DAY.<br>
Conde Naste has a Summer Internship Program through which you can apply. You submit a cover letter, resume, and top choices to the publishing company's career website in hopes of getting placed in a publication you want. I know that some people have gotten internships this way, but from what I know it is very very competitive. I was rejected from it.
but don't be discouraged! i still have an internship with Conde Nast this summer!
I don't really know how it works or why, but most magazines seem to post listings outside of Conde Nast's official internship program application. Maybe they need more interns than what Conde Nast alotts them? idk. but vanity fair, vogue, harper's bazaar, glamour, seventeen, elle, have all posted listings on Ed2010 (again, BIBLE) in the past few months. I applied to all of them, and many more, got a couple of interviews, and landed an accessories internship at Lucky Magazine this summer. </p>

<p>To my knowledge there is absolutely no difference in getting an internship through an outside listing or through the official application. in either case, you get the same job, its exhausting and unpaid, you work at least 3 days a week, and you get a measly stipend of $12 a day. </p>

<p>Personally, my dream internship would be TeenVogue (I like that its more youthful and laid back than Vogue, which can be scary sounding at times), or Nylon. I unfortunately had absolutely no success in my desperate attempts to apply for an internship at Nylon. And TeenVogue didn't have any outside listings that I had any lucky with and I didn't get the Conde Nast official placement.
But from what I have heard, working for Conde Nast is definitely an huge deal on your resume if you want to apply for future internships within the company, so I'm hoping I can get more responses because of that, also just working for a major magazine in general can be a significant addition to your resume. A fellow intern said that after working at Details, another Conde Nast publication, last summer, she was offered 6 interviews with various magazines in the company that she applied to this year.</p>

<p>anyway the short answer to your question is no matter where you go to college (brown, amherst, wherever...I go to Cornell), it is very difficult to get an internship with a major magazine. but it is not impossible. to get one you may have to check internship posting websites every day your spring semester, apply to every single one that looks interesting, create twenty different cover letters and send out fifty resumes, etc. (at least thats what I did), but it IS possible. you just have to want it!</p>

<p>Best way to get an internship at a magazine is start off on the lower food chain like interning for a small, yet respected designer. From there, if you become good friends with the designer, she will help get in contact with editor or who would happily direct you to the internship director. </p>

<p>How I know? That is how my sister got an internship at Elle, then jumped ships to Nylon. I, myself, am an intern at WB Pictures. MAKE FRIENDS and you will get far :)</p>

<p>we are both not pretty little blonde girls but asian-american cali girls.</p>

<p>hey barbie444 heard ur god mother is the senior editor of vogue.well i m in india nd need internship at the indian vogue too. excactly how can i approach them for this position.PS lame question but do u get to meet anne wintour?nd cud u pls help me out wid this internship process please</p>

<p>I have the same dilemma... I would really love to itern at Vogue, Teen Vogue, or Seventeen. I wish you the best of luck! :)</p>

<p>Hi, </p>

<p>I'm a graduating senior at Hunter with a major in English. I have had experince in the media industry and worked as a copyeditor. Would you advise me how to go about an editorial internhsip at Vogue, because I know the cover letters almost don't get read if posted on the general way. Could you help me with how to reach a particualr editor?</p>