Vassar 1 Room Triples..?

<p>I just received my housing info, and I have a 1-room triple in Main. Could anyone give me some info on these types of rooms? Like, are they bigger than a double.. or are they the same size, but with an extra bed put in? Thanks</p>

<p>Well i dont really know the answer to this but i know that if you go to the Vassar Sorting Hat facebook they have the the floor plans for Main. Im sure if you look for your room you can compare the size with other rooms.</p>

<p>I'm not in Vassar but I took a tour and on the tour they said they have no "forced" anything. Meaning, the triples are the size a triple should be, not the size of a double.</p>

<p>Last year, as a freshman, my son was assigned a one room triple in Main. They are big rooms with plenty of storage space (how about a walk-in closet?). My son and his two roommates had plenty of space for the following:</p>

<p>Three single beds
Three desks
Three small dressers
Two full-size wardrobes (my son got the walk-in closet!)
A mini-frig/microwave
A full size futon (that they split the cost on to accommodate friends crashing for a night)</p>

<p>Additionally the room had two windows and was down it's own little hallway with a twin one room triple across the short hall. That room had three girls in it and the six kids really got close during the year, referring to themselves as "The Nook". As freshman room assignments go I think he got a very good deal. His friend got a standard double in Jewett that was so tiny there was barely room for the two guys to move around in there at the same time.</p>