Vassar.. cant get it out of my mind

<p>I'm pretty much done with my college list, except I can't get Vassar out of my mind.
Initially, it was on my list. I visited it and loved the environment, but since it was over the summer, I didnt really get to talk to any students. In making my final list, I crossed it off for a number of reasons. Firstly, I heard that it had a huge homosexual population -- although I am not averse to gays, this coupled with the huge female population... it doesn't seem like there are too many guy "prospects". In addition, I characterize myself as a "liberal Republican" --would I feel out of place at an overwhelmingly left winged school?
I really should have visited during the school year... but I couldn't/can't.
Your input would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>This seems like something you have to decide for yourself. How important is it to you that the school you attend have a large number of straight guys? Do you believe you could handle being in the midst of many people who don't necessarily share your political and social beliefs and are vocal about their opinions? You must answer those questions and use those answers to decide whether or not you will apply to Vassar.</p>

<p>You have to remember the word "huge" is relative. Yes, if you come from an all-white high school in the deep south, then probably the homosexual population may be overwhelming. However, if you're like the vast majority of the rest of us, and come from schools with decent amounts of diversity, it shouldnt' be anything of a culture-shock to associate with a fair number of gays. I imagine since the school does not INVITE all gay students to attend, the size of the homosexual population, though existent, probably shouldn't be anything to make any heterosexual uncomfortable, and it certainly shouldn't be a large percentage of the male population.</p>

<p>I imagine the dating scene at Vassar would probably resemble the environment of ANY liberal arts college (LACs tend to attract more female applicants).</p>

<p>i know someone that goes there...and he absolutely loves it. he did say there're a lot of gays, a lot of girls, and a lot of partying/drinking...but then the people are SUpeR nice, and im sure you can find sOME straight guys there [my friend's straight]</p>

<p>i think maybe you should just apply and then decide whether you'll attend later, perhaps after being admitted and having another campus visit? because the fact that you're still considering it after crossing it off means that some part of you really DO want to go keep your options open :)</p>

<p>While Im not in support of what Polar said of just applying to see and then decide later because that will potentially rob someone else of a spot in the class when you may not even want to go.</p>

<p>However, if you did like the environment and can forget the fears of there being few guys to date which may be a possibility, by all means apply. There has to be at least one guy applying (Hint hint)</p>