Vassar College ED2 Class of 2024


I’m so sorry to hear that!! I really hope things work out for you

I got in!! omg This feels so great especially after being deferred ed 1

I got in!!! Never been more happy & excited for the next four years!!! can’t wait to meet everyone!!!

I got in as well!!! It was a wonderful surprise

Son rejected. His first rejection. I’m kind of surprised bc he’s male, in the avg gpa for Vassar and above 50% for SAT. He’s also very active in theatre, film and choir. I was also hoping my 7 Sisters mojo would turn fate in his direction. ( Smiths here).

SAT 1460
GPA 4.1

Pretty sad and so is he. Congratulations to all that were accepted.

Didn’t get in. Disappointed but not devastated! I’m still waiting on Wellesley. I’m so so happy for everyone accepted and for those who got rejected: this is not a defining moment, and I am still very proud of you. Hold on to that crystallized vision!

Anyone know when RD decisions come out?

does Vassar publish an ED2 admission rate?