Vassar College ED2 Class of 2024

Hello! I didn’t see any threads for ED2 applicants, and decisions will come out in a few weeks! I’m sure everyone is feeling anxious, I definitely am. I just want to say that all of us are smart, capable, talented, and unique-- no matter the decision we receive. Vassar is my dream school and the fear of rejection is somewhat difficult, but I am keeping the faith!

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I’m also applying to Vassar ED2! I’m so nervous aaAAaa I really want to get it. Results will come out late January right?

@alliniu That’s when it was last year, but they haven’t sent me any emails about it yet. Have you gotten any updates?

@peachy77 I haven’t yet. But I think they will send out one sooner or later.

I applied ED2 as well. I absolutely fell in love with Vassar. Staying hopeful!

Has anyone gotten an email about decision notifications?

not yet… have you?

@nc2020 no :frowning: i hate the anticipation haha

Portal is closed now for updates “at this late date”. Says you will you receive an email advising how to check decision.

@Charlie2772 hey that’s something!

Guys!! New update! Vassar will release its decisions on January 27

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@alliniu Just got the email! I’m so excited that’s so soon!

I’m so relieved that they finally emailed us!! What time do y’all think “at the close of business” means? 6-ish?

@nc2020 the last thread I looked at they came out at 4 p.m., so I think it varies, but yeah around then probably!

@peachy77 that makes sense! thank you!

2 days!

I’m so nervous ?

me too!

In fifteen minutes it’ll be decision day!! Good luck everyone :heart:

How did everybody do?