Vassar College RD 2024

I didn’t see a thread yet for RD. Has Vassar released their decision date or even mentioned it lately?

Thanks for starting this. I was wondering the same question

Based on the last 2 years, I would say the release date should be 3/24

On the Reddit megathread it was listed as 3/26…but I do not know how accurate that is.

I also think it is 3/26 @cothhcalummom

Checklist is gone on the portal

Thanks @user2402, that actually just made my day seeing that, I had the same thing as well.

Looks like last year it went down on the 19th and decisions came out one week later…so maybe it’s the 24th this year?

Anyone know when decisions come out? Online and the portal just say the end of the month.

Also does everyone have their completion list gone?

@CindyLeuWho Yes, I believe everyone’s checklists are down. As far as the decision date, I have no idea & am wondering just like everyone else. Best of luck to you all!

In 2019, decisions came out on March 26th, in 2018, the Decisions came out on March 27th, and in 2017 Decisions came out on March 28th. All of these decisions came out on the last Tuesday of March and people were notified of when decisions would be released around a week before. Therefore, March 31st, the last Tuesday of March, COULD be the day we get decisions, and Wednesday might be the day we know when decisions come out.

i don’t think we will make it if it is a whole week away-argh!

No worries guys - remember, basically every college in the country will be announcing before Ivy day, which is earlier than it ever has been in the past five years or so this year (the 26th instead of 28th-31st/1st). So it’d be surprising if Vassar released any later that that. Will likely be the 24th…just coming from a college over-researcher here, so don’t take my word for it, but just a thought. And don’t worry guys - you’re gonna be happy and end up where’s right for you. Can’t even tell you how drastically my top choice from junior spring to the present moment have changed, based on acceptances on colleges (particularly one) that were more safeties until I realized, upon acceptance, how much I’d fallen in love with the place(s). You’ve all got talent, and it literally doesn’t matter who sees that and who doesn’t, because at least one admissions committee out there will, and you’ll get to shove it into the face of that ED1 idiot who rejected you because your intelligence exceeds and is far more creative than a standardized test score could ever measure. So to hell with acceptance rates!! Vassar is a top choice for me as well, but it won’t matter in the end, though I’m sure I’ll be upset if I don’t get in despite all of this. You’re more powerful than you know ??

And love and healthy wishes to you all!!

If I didn’t send my official act scores am i not considered for acceptance?
lol its nbd if not but I would like to know before I open it hahah

Good insight @cnk2626 , I think everyone will find their place, I hope it may be Vassar for you as well :slight_smile: hope and prayers

Are we thinking decisions will come out tomorrow?

Some people are guessing today (3/24). I guess no word yet.

On their instagram, they responded saying later this week, so probably not today.

Ahh, okay, thanks, turtlesforever.