Vassar Dorm Help - please

My Daughter is moving into the 4th floor Josselyn House. Is there an elevator?
Thank you!

I wouldn’t count on it.

The building is not fully wheelchair accessible as yet, says the website. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t service elevators. Best is to pack very lightly (also because of Covid you would want to pack as little as possible I should think).

The best place to ask is Vassar itself for more info about moving in.

My son will be the HSA (House Student Advisor) in Joss this year…unfortunately, no elevator. I’m not sure if the plan is still to have the StuFels, etc. help with move in, but I agree: pack light. He’s bringing as little as he can.

Thank you for your reply! How do we find out about StuFels help - or even if we can request it? My kid is tiny and 3 months worth of (even very lightly packed) thing is still pretty heavy. I can’t imagine her bringing up 4 floors a suitcase (still 2 seasons (summer-fall) worth of clothing), sport equipment, and simple things such as toiletries, etc. without any help and no elevator… We were thinking few small suitcases, so she can do it alone in a few rounds going up and down… Who would be the contact for this type of information? Thank you!!!

One thought is to use IKEA like bags. They’re lightweight durable and draggable.
We used these.

Yes, thank you - I will buy those - the main problem is due to Covid they don’t allow parents to help with move in - kids are on their own

It’s such a disappointment for the kids and the parents. I hope at a minimum they’ll have upperclassmen helping. Good luck to your daughter! My son’s girlfriend attends Vassar and loves it.

This comment is meant as encouragement, that: she can do it!

But young women have been moving into Vassar for decades upon decades without elevators, up all those stairs. Even small girls have done this. I’m sure that she will be fine.

I’ve never heard of complaints in the past – and yes many have done this with zero help from parents. Vassar attracts students from all over the country and the world.

She will be fine.

As a side note, you might want to look at the interesting configuration of hallways in Main (the main building on campus). Go to the second floor on the West side of the building, near the Rose Room. You will notice a twelve-foot-wide hallway. This was to accommodate women in six-foot-wide hoop skirts getting exercise along the long hallways, I understand.

Women are encouraged to be strong at Vassar.

House team members will be available during move in to help! No worries! You can put your student’s room number on any boxes to help expedite things. Parents can join the VASSAR parent Facebook page. It’s a great resource for parents.

Awesome. Thank you!