Vassar or Smith - Congrats 2014 page

<p>Hi! My friend just got accepted into Smith and I was wondering if it was harder to get into Smith than Vassar? Anyways, she got into Smith and i asked her if she can get into the congrats 2014 page and she told me that it say invalid login etc. So...idrk how legit this site is?</p>

<p>Smith has a much higher acceptance rate than Vassar because it is all women's. I think the acceptance rate for Smith is about 45% while Vassar's is only about 25%.</p>

<p>Smith is a much less selective school than Vassar.
I got accepted into Smith this week and know based on my rejection from Colgate earlier this morning that I will not be admitted into Vassar. If you look around at some college stat websites, you will find that Smith is ranked as "average" in selectivity and Vassar is ranked as "hard."</p>

<p>I'll keep my fingers crossed for your friend.</p>

<p>she got waitlisted...</p>