Vassar parties?

I’m currently a high school senior and I’m trying to decide if I should apply to Vassar ED. I was able to visit in person in the early spring and I really loved it, but my chances of getting in are significantly higher if I apply ED. The idea of potentially committing to a school this early is really stressful for me, and one of the main things holding me back is concerns about the social scene. I know Vassar doesn’t have Greek life, and so there aren’t any big frat-type parties, but are there other, chiller parties? Do people go out into Poughkeepsie? I also know that pretty much everyone lives on campus all 4 years, so does that affect anything? How strict are they about drinking/smoking in the dorms? I’m not a huge partier, but I also don’t want to miss part of the college experience.

In non-Covid times, Vassar has a very fun party/social scene. Thursday is bar night (dollar beer night) at a local bar but not everyone does this. The senior apartments host parties basically every weekend, and generally you’ll pregame in the dorms with your pals. I will say that it’s a lot easier to hear about parties when you’re involved on campus with an org or a team (whether a Liberty League DIII one or a club sport like frisbee/ski/rugby). They are not strict at all about drinking or smoking. There is quite a lot of both in my experience ■■■■■. Happy applying!