Vassar RD 2025

I didn’t see an RD topic, so I thought I’d start one… anyone out there waiting on Vassar RD? What majors?


yup. Physics major + Maths minor, international student from India.

No APs, as my school don’t offer them.

7-8 school level achievements(Debate, Quiz, Newspaper editor, head of stage, class president[we call it class monitor here]), 1 regional level achievement.

Also, did a free week-long computer-teaching program at a nearby institute in Jan this year, where 400+ people from surrounding region participated and learnt about basics of computer and IT.

Grades :

  • Class 9th : 96%
  • Class 10th : 96.8%
  • Class 11th : 78%
  • Class 12th(mid-year) : 89.8%
  • Class 12th (predicted) : 97% or above

In all of my classes, I was ranked 1 out of 120, 115, 74 and 72 total students in my class respectively.

Have a compelling personal essay about my life in financial crisis as a kid, living without electricity for 3-4 months when I was 10, not able to pay school fee so only got regular schooling from class 8th onwards, before that studied myself … which literally means myself as my parents weren’t able to help me study. Discussing all of that with emphasis on how that shaped me as a person and my desire to better myself from my yesterday. finally, giving contribution to progress of humanity and making the world a better place to live; for all !!!

LORs are 9.5/10 I’d say, as my teachers all like me very much and I’m the kind of student they say to have seen once in lifetime.

And yes, as you know my family is still recovering from a decade-long financial crisis, I require Financial Aid. My family income is $28k per annum, so they can only afford a max. of $6k-7k per annum for my college fee (including room+tuition+food etc.)



I’m waiting on my decision as well!! Best of luck to everyone on here, I’m so so nervous as Vassar is my number one school right now.

Intended Major(s): Psychology or Environmental Studies

1470 SAT (690 math, 780 reading)
34 ACT (35 english, 31 math, 35 reading, 36 science)
4.9 weighted GPA
Took APES (5), APUSH (4), AP Psychology, AP German, AP Lang, and AP Statistics

Marching Band - 4 years, was section leader for 2 years
Percussion Ensembles (Concert, Brazilian, African, Blue) - 4 years, was Head Teaching Assistant for 2 years
Choir Ensembles (Chamber and Triple Trio) - 2 years, audition only, student director of Chamber
Evening Theatre Company - 1 year
Global Studies - 4 years, will earn a certificate this spring
PTSA Environmental Chair - 1 year
German Club - 3 years

Volunteered at my district’s middle school weekly teaching students public speaking skills.
Volunteered as a Counselor-In-Training for one year at a YMCA camp (will be a paid counselor this year).

Not sure how my essay went, but I think it adequately showcases my talents as a writer. Letters of rec were slightly above average.

Background: While female, middle class, challenging school district.

Again, best of luck to everyone!


Yes! Very nervous but trying not to think about it too much. I hope to major in environmental studies, political science, or anthropology/sociology.
I am not posting my stats because a.) I know it will not change whether I get accepted or not, and b.) Personally, stats generate a lot of self-doubt and comparison through competition, so they are not something I favor. But if they make anyone else feel better, you do you.
Good luck to everyone!! The waiting game is the worst part of the process.


Hi! I’m applying RD to Vassar as well, and since it looks like some people have been sharing stats/info about themselves I thought I would too!

Intended Major(s): Biology and/or Computer Science

1570 SAT (790 math, 780 English)
4.975 weighted GPA (4.0 unweighted)
Class Rank: 1 out of 440
Took AP Biology (4), APES (4), APUSH (5), AP Lang (4), AP Chemistry (4), AP Calculus AB (5), and AP Computer Science A (5); currently taking AP Psychology, AP Lit, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics C: Mechanics, and AP Statistics

Tennis - I’ve been taking lessons for about 10 years, played on my school team for 4 (varsity for 3) and was the team captain this year.
National Honor Society - member junior and senior year, officer (secretary) senior year
Other Honor Societies - Math (3 yrs), Social Studies (2 years), Science (3 yrs), Italian (2 yrs)
Math League - competitor for 3 years
Interact Club - community service-based club (clothing drives, volunteering at the local food pantry, road cleanups, etc); member for 4 years
Yearbook Club - member for 3 years
Girls Who Code Club - member for 3 years
STEM Academy (not really an extracurricular but it’s a selective academic program at my school that I applied for and have been a part of since freshman year)

Volunteered at my local library, including summer programs working with younger kids (50+ hours).
Volunteered as a member of NHS (50+ hours).
Some additional community service through clubs like NHS and Interact.

Worked as an assistant counselor at a summer camp between sophomore and junior years.
Paid computer science internship with a local company for the past 8-9 months.

Precollege program in genetics and molecular biology with Columbia University during the summer between junior and senior years.

I think my essay was pretty good, and I’m hoping my letters of rec were as well.

Background: White female, upper-middle class.

Anyway, good luck to everyone applying! You all seem like really intelligent and talented people, and I hope some of us will be future classmates! :smile:


I applied RD to Vassar too!

Intended Majors: Cognitive Science and Environmental Studies

Did not submit SAT
4.06/4.0 Weighted
3.86/4.0 Unweighted
My school doesn’t do class rank
Have taken: APUSH (4), AP Psych (5), AP Euro (5), AP Bio (4), AP Micro (3), and currently taking AP Chem, AP Lit, AP Stats, AP Calc AB, and APHG

Soccer: I’ve played soccer since I was 5 and have been on the varsity team for 5 years and was a captain for 2
Basketball: played varsity for three years
Archery: Varsity for 2 years and captain for both years
NHS: member senior year
Sustainability Club: member for 2 years, secretary for 1
Feminism and Inclusion club: member for 4 years, president for 2
MUN: member for three years, a part of secretariat for 1
Student government: President for 2 years, day student representative for 1

Volunteered through letter writing and babysitting for free (30+ hours)

Have worked 30+ hours a week during school for two years at a local restaurant as a hostess/pizza maker/server

Have formulated three of my own research projects, earned first place awards for two at a regional/state science competition

should have good letters of rec, and I’m super proud of my essay

background: White female, lower/middle middle class (parents divorced at beginning of highschool and I only live with my mom who provides for me and my two siblings, so we’re not super well-off financially)

Good luck every body!!! I hope we all get to be classmates together this coming year :smile:


Hey all! I never feel super comfortable sharing my stats but you guys seem perfectly nice so here goes! This is not meant to brag or anything (I hate doing that), but it’s nice to see what other people have been up to imo!

Background: Upper-class, white, not 1st-gen, gay male from fairly recognized school in Midcoast Maine (top 5-10 in state)
GPA: ~98/100 UW (4.0), ~103/100 W
Course Rigor: Very challenging for my school (6 APs, Rest Honors for Core Classes albeit regular Physics senior year)
SAT: 1440 (lower, I know; even split 720/720)

Majors of Interest: Performance and Politics


  • Policy Advisor for the Maine DoE: 11-12 (32 out of ~500 candidates selected by Maine DoE leadership. Worked with DoE Commissioner and other department leadership to design statewide policies that promotes the equity, inclusion, and empowerment of Maine student body)

  • Student Rep. in Diversity Equity and Inclusion Task Force of my School District: 12 (invited by and worked with superintendent and admin. in school district to record curriculum and social systems within school districts to combat systemic discrimination and social exclusion)

  • State Thespian Officer for Maine Educational Theatre Association: 11-12 (selected by and works with organization to design statewide events that promote high school student accessibility to performing arts opportunities)

  • NHS Member (11-12) and President (12) (elected by and runs club of 60+ members, and does very presidential things lol)

  • Performing Arts
    Dance: Danced in studio since 7th grade. Lead dancer 11-12. Trains across styles (hip hop, contemporary, ballet, modern jazz, latin ballroom, bollywood, etc.). Selected into AMDA’s insane NYC summer conservatory for high school students in dance (which I believe has around a 4% acceptance rate), where I trained with broadway performers/choreographers and AMDA faculty!
    Choir: Regular Chorale (9-12), Auditioned Chamber Singers (10-12). Also accepted into Honors Choirs: All-Eastern (11), All State (10-12) and District (9-12)
    Theater: Involved in school productions in and around high school (my high school is known for its musicals)! Got some leads, and performed in front of ~5K audience members annually.

  • Other ECs:
    Certified Reiki Practitioner/Master/Teacher
    Started poetry project in response to COVID-19 (still in progress lol)


  • Identified as Gifted and Talented in Performing Arts (~2-5% of Maine’s Student Body) - State Award
  • Choir received “Superior w/ Distinction” (highest possible ranking) at a state choral festival - State Award
  • Received “Most Outstanding Chamber Singers Member” Award in 10th grade (out of ~25 members) - School Award
  • "Hard Worker " from English Dept. (one of 2 11th grade recipients) - School Award
  • Idr the 5th so it probably isn’t that impressive lol

Essays: I think my CommonApp is good. I personally want to barf when I read it because I spent so much time working on it but others have really resonated with it. I would rate my Vassar supplement a solid 7.5-8.

Recs: Definitely strong I think. My teachers and I have great relationships and I got my dance teacher to write me one (she showed me it and it was super dramatic and 5 pages long but was lovely!)

“Your Space”: I did a kitchen arrangement (using food and appliances to make my sounds) of a new song and harmonized with myself. I had a lot of fun so hopefully they enjoy it!


We meet again! :smiley:

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Hello again! :wave:

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Does anyone when decisions were released last year or in years past? The wait is killing me lol

same! the wait is honestly the worst part

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We can just wait for the waiting of this wait to end.
(But in this game of waits, please don’t waitlist me. :rofl::rofl::rofl:)


Looking at last years thread, last year RD decisions were on Ivy Day, 3/26/20. So could be late this year with Ivy Day being 4/6/21. Vassar did hint last year on their Insta when decisions were coming later the same week, so keep an eye out!


Any updates on timing? D21 has either heard from schools or knows the decision dates of remaining schools except Vassar.

I have not received anything yet, but I would assume that decisions will be released sometime this week. Don’t quote me on that, though!

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Hello again! Looks like we applied to a lot of the same schools haha :)))


Hey again! Yeah, seems like there are a lot of overlap of applicants with these schools!


Is anybody else feverishly stalking Vassar IG and Twitter?


My son just got this notice in his portal:

At this late stage in the application process, this online application checklist is closed. You will receive an email with details on checking your decision closer to the notification date.


My DS saw the same thing when he checked the portal a little while ago. He was worried that the page was so blank until he actually read what it said. These poor kiddos - all the stress, anticipation and anxiety for waiting for decisions makes them a little goofy.