Vassar yourspace suppliment upload??

<p>Hey, I'm applying EDII to Vassar and have everything done for my supplement. My only issue is that I have a short movie for my yourspace. On commonapp it says it can only be in .doc, .docx, .wpd, .rtf, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, or .txt format. My movie is not in any of those LOL How should I submit it? Should I just put it up on youtube and put the youtube link in a word document?</p>

<p>gahhh helllpp meeeeeee</p>

<p>When I submitted my supplement I just submitted the address to my YouTube channel. I'm sure you could either do that or just the link to the video. I think that's what most people do. Just be sure to include your Common App ID in the info section of the YouTube video.</p>

<p>That's what my son did, and he didn't include his common app i.d. either, but he wrote a tiny description of what they'd be seeing on YouTube, and also identified himself by name in the description on You Tube and on the video itself. Good Luck!</p>

<p>If our Your Space submission is an actual art journal, do we just post it to Vassar even if we filled out the common app online???</p>

<p>Isn't the common app ID supposed to be confidential? I wouldn't feel very safe posting it online.</p>