vcu acceptance 2019

I applied for VCU on October 23rd and until now I didn’t hear back.

Does anyone get acceptance letter from VCU?

I applied October 10th, haven’t heard yet.

Based on previous years it will be tomorrow (Nov.20) for those who applied early (August thru October). Whether that happens, don’t know but that’s my best guess. My D and I are anxious to hear. She completed her application on Oct. 1.

My daughter applied to VCU on October 25th, so I guess we will see if tomorrow is the day.

Edited: checked the portal and they somehow never received her test scores, so I guess she won’t be finding out tomorrow after all. Oops.

Has anyone received a decision?

I am just now realizing this thread is from last year, oops.

We sort of reused it for this year. My D and I haven’t heard anything yet but was told we would be notified via snail mail fwiw.

DS received email acceptance mid-Dec. Still hasn’t received snail mail acceptance or any other financial aid/merit info. Anyone else in this boat?? HIs portal just has acceptance and letter and that is it.

@2019boston What College was he accepted to? My DS received his VCUarts acceptance mid-Dec, the snail mail acceptance arrived a week or two afterwards. I would suspect that snail mail acceptance arrival time is highly dependent on the school he was accepted to and the holidays probably aren’t helping.

Same here - acceptance late November but no snail mail at all. Our D was accepted into Wilder School (Criminal Justice) which I believe has a relatively small group each year (200-250). She has her acceptance letter in the portal but no other information has been sent either via email or regular mail so far.

Based on previous years’s posts here, I believe merit info comes much later – sometime in mid-March.

Based on what I’ve read here, the admissions process for VCUarts is much different – earlier process, then there are auditions and then more communication.

@pcarnette Engineering

DS just got his snail mail acceptance to JMU a good two-three weeks after the email, so I guess it isn’t too unusual. I would contact admissions next week if you’re concerned.