VCU GMED - Class of 2023

Hi all,

My DD has been accepted to VCU for GMED program. This can be a great place for all those who have been accepted to ask questions regarding the program and its requirements while getting to know each other.

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My DD also received admission into the GMED program. She is most likely going to choose VCU.

It’s nice to hear that. Are you also from VA?

No, we are from PA. What majors and minors is your DD planning on declaring?

She hasn’t committed yet! But anthropology and psychology and minor in spanish/other foreign language.

My DS is also considering VCU GMED program.

Hi all, i am a rising highschool junior local to VA and targeting VCU GMED . Is it ok i I can ask Qs here? Looks like this program needs a min score on MCAT. Caorrect? Also any stats/tips/suggestions for me, please? Thanks in advance.