VCU GMed, UMKC 6yr vs Pre-Med at Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Case & Northwestern

<p>My daughter got into UMKC and VCU. She is turning down Northwestern, Berkeley, USC (engr), Case, UCLA and other not so good schools to go to VCU - GMed. They are offering her a Presidential Scholarship (in-state tuition, room, board, fees - we only have to pay about $10,000 a year). Is this a wise decision? Northwestern offered no $, Case gave her $28,000 a year, USC $18,000 a year and UCLA $1000 a year. We do not qualify for financial aid so Northwestern was out as it is too pricey. But was just wondering if VCU is a good choice as their undergrad school is not ranked very high. Any input would be appreciated.</p>

<p>Hi Spring37,</p>

<p>My S passed (half tuition scholarship) BU to accept TCNJ/UMDNJ's 7 year BS/MD program with full tuition ride.</p>

<p>When we calculated total cost at BU, the total cost at BU (despite 50% tuition) nearly equalled 3 years cost at TCNJ. </p>

<p>Considering that one pays nearly $ 40,000 /year total cost in med school, it seemed prudent to save our finances for his grad school instead.
I also checked the residency list on UMDNJ (through NJMS students) and found that graduates were offered residencies in top med schools, like graduates of any other med school in our vicinity.</p>

<p>So, we are happy with the decision. If your child is used to excelling.....they will excel no matter which institution they belong to.</p>

<p>I think she made a good choice. I've heard that VCU's honors program is very good and the students get really nice dorms.</p>

<p>i was in the same situation between VCU (full ride) and UMKC (55k a yr)...however, i picked UMKC because it was a six yr program and had a nice docent system.</p>

<p>However, i loved the VCU's dorms, relaxed college style, the city of Richmond, and the vast STUDY ABROAD program. At the end you should be content with whatever you picked, whichever fits your priorities the best</p>

<p>Pharmagal, thank you for that as I have been worrying about whether she has made the right choice.
Schrizto, yes, the dorms are very nice and the people seem very friendly as well.
Nawab saab, thanks for pointing that out :) you are right once the decision is made no use agonizing over it. Do you find it difficult that you do not get summers off at UMKC? I have heard from kids who go there that getting just a couple of weeks off in Sept/Oct can be a drawback to some.</p>

<p>One other piece of advice. No matter how much you may think about alternative options she had, try not to voice them to her.</p>

<p>It took my S a few agonizing days to accept the UMDNJ/TCNJ option over BU. But when he made the decision, both my husband and I decided never to voice "what ifs" with him. It's tough on these teenagers to make these decisions. As parents, we should support whichever decision they reach.....</p>

<p>I have to admit, I was secretly hoping he would select BU since I love Boston so much but he (with with DH's influence) decided to select TCNJ/UMDNJ, I showed nothing but full support.</p>

<p>Now he has been at TCNJ for 2 semesters and really enjoying himself. He says it's better to be a Val in a small/mid sized school than a nobody in a big name school.</p>

<p>So, good luck to your DD.</p>

<p>I was in a very similar situation as your daughter. I got into VCU's Gmed program, the Drexel 7 year programs (Drexel, Villanova, Rosemont), a DO program and a DDS program. As for regular undergraduates, I got into Northwestern, USC, Boston U and a full ride at my state school. Ultimately I chose VCU because of their presidential scholarship and because they let you apply out. MCV is actually ranked 67th in med schools so it isn't that bad. Sometimes I do look back and wonder what may have happened if I had chosen Northwestern, but I'm excited to start at VCU in the fall!</p>

<p>Was unable to log on to this site for a while :(
Pharmagal, thanks for the advice - I need to heed that because she does tell me not to keep talking about the "what ifs".
coolchica, which state are you from? you will be classmates with my dd as she is all set to go there.</p>

<p>I am sorry to disagree with people who say "keep your opinions to yourself" - in these economic times (many adults fail) the "what ifs" are very important and should never be dismissed when discussing a career in medicine. Teens should be open to hearing parental concerns.</p>

<p>Absolutely every decision made should have serious pro/con plan to look at.</p>

<p>Two things to remember when planning a career..Try to avoid owing money to the IRS and a close runner-up are institutions that are in the student loan business. Both can be very hazardous to your tough times.</p>

@nawab_saab Are you happy with your UMKC decision?