VCU Honors College Questions

For those who are in or have students in the VCU Honors College … what do you think? My daughter was accepted for the fall semester. She’s going into the pre-nursing program but was dual-enrollment with our local community college in high school. Because of the dual-enrollment, it looks like she’ll only have 8-10 credits of required classes for the first three semesters. Despite that, she’s worried about the extra work for the Honors College because it’s difficult to get into the School of Nursing and thus she needs to focus on her grades. On the flipside, we wonder if simply being in the Honors College will help her case when it comes time to apply for the School of Nursing.

We’re specifically wondering about the following:

-How much extra work is it per semester?

-Is it really worth the extra money to live in the Honors College dorm? Based on last year’s numbers, it’s $2000 per school year more than a double room in GRC/Johnson/Rhoads.

-Do Honors College students get preferential treatment in choosing a dorm if they DON’T decide to live in the Honors College building? My daughter thinks she might actually prefer to have a roommate.

Thanks for starting this thread.

I was wondering how much money is given for the honors college scholarships? And how competitive is renewal?