VCU merit scholarship insights - beyond Presidential, Provost, Dean's

Does anyone have any insights on merit scholarships available to VCU freshman applicants? D is a National Merit Semifinalist but we only discovered this school after the Nov 1 deadline for Presidential, Provost, Dean’s scholarships (in fact her first email from the school arrived Nov 4). She emailed the NM contact about still being considered for these and was told “you missed the deadline, but don’t worry, the admissions department awards other scholarships”. I can’t find any other info about scholarships on their website, other than Alumni and Legacy. We are OOS and would need good merit award to consider VCU. Are we out of luck now?

My D18 had VCU as her number one school. Unfortunately, they were one of the last schools to give her merit money. I believe they did not notify her until March.

She applied in September and was accepted pretty early as well. Because of the very late notification she mentally took it off of her list. She didn’t have extremely high scores but did receive many other scholarship offers much earlier. She was offered $8000 per year with a 3.7 UW 1250 SAT OOS.

If she would have gotten the offer earlier she probably would have wound up there.

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Hi. Did you ever get more info from VCU on this? Or get any merit? We are in the same boat right now. Couldn’t apply until after 11/1 (still needed to finish portfolio) and unsure if she will get any merit.