VCU prenursing

I am considering applying to VCU for their prenursing program i’m from North Carolina…
I am wondering how hard it is to get into the prenursing program and How hard it is getting into the School of Nursing itself
i head there is an Honors college for direct entry students but I don’t qualify, will there be a lot of competition with them?


Are you planning to apply for this coming fall, or fall 2021? I’m not 100% sure, but I think the application deadline for 2020 is passed.

Regardless, my daughter is entering VCU in the pre-nursing track this fall. The pre-nursing program itself isn’t much harder to get into than any other program at VCU. However, the School of Nursing is very selective. As you might know, you apply for the School of Nursing during the second semester of your freshman year. If you’re accepted, you start your sophomore year. We were told at Open House that last year they got 650 non-transfer applications for the School of Nursing, and they took only about 100. As you said, there are guaranteed admission programs that you have to apply for, and they’re very selective. My daughter was a little short on their SAT requirements, so she didn’t apply. She was accepted into the Honors College, however, and we’ve been told that really helps when they’re considering her nursing application.

Yes i am thinking about applying to VCU for the fall 2021 cycle. The school is great so i expected it being competitive!! Is your daughter in or out of state?

We’re in state.