VCUarts vs UVA

I’m a rising senior this year who’s applying to colleges in the fall. I was planning to double major in biology (preveterinary) and visual arts. Visual arts was kind of my back up/passion project but now I’m starting to put art at number one and bio as my back up, if that makes any sense.
I was planning to apply to UVa early decision (and apply for the Jefferson scholarship), but now I’m not sure if I should wait for regular to also apply to VCUarts. My main concern is that UVa doesn’t have the courses I want for visual arts (illustration). Overall UVa is a much better school, especially if I want to stay in bio, but I want the art school experience and to specialize in illustration. Any advice? Is the UVa art program that different from VCUarts?
Thanks in advance for your advice!

Hi there, curious what you are deciding. Just found this thread and my D is considering VCUArts (undecided arts foundation).

Can’t say I have yet. I’m still considering UVA and VCU, although now I’m considering a degree in art education. I wish your daughter the best of luck!