Vegan options?

<p>i was wondering what the vegan food selection is like on campus… i certainly wouldnt want to starve!!</p>

<p>There's a vegan bar with cooked vegan food at every meal, and a vegan fridge stocked with vegan things like almond butter. You definitely WON'T starve, don't worry.</p>

<p>haha, why is the vegan fridge stocked with "vegan things like almond butter?" isn't regular peatnut butter vegan?</p>

<p>I have no idea, but they put the almond butter in the vegan fridge, so I assume there's something wrong with regular peanut butter. I'm not vegan, though, I don't know.</p>

<p>They do have soy milk products and vegan hot dogs / hamburgers in the fridge as well.</p>

<p>We did a precollege visit of Bates yesterday and were given vouchers for a free lunch. When I came to the serving areas I ended up in the Vegan area. For lunch I had a sesame stir try broccoli, oven roasted potatoes, a hot bow tie pasta w/ tofu and garam masala (?). There was also a spicy cauliflower (?). To the right it looked like there was a whole cold buffet w/ humus and such. I did not see this "refrigerator". I am not a vegan but I joked to my family how I think I would become one if I were at Bates. I don't have any idea what it is like over 52 weeks a year but I was very impressed w/ yesterday. In support of the college's sense of community there is only one dining hall. It just build a new beautiful one that opened less than a month ago. Here is a link to their daily menus:</p>

<p>Bates</a> College | Dining Services</p>