*vents* My supposedly adult lab partner is so immature!

<p>I'm taking an anatomy class at a community college this semester, and I'm enjoying it a lot. The teacher is great, the material is interesting, and the resources available (cadavers!) are second to none. Except for one thing -- one of my lab partners (who's 21, btw) is so immature. He's actually also in a chem group that I tutor, and the guy can't be quiet for more than 30 seconds!</p>

<p>Probably what annoys me the most is that he's convinced that he and the teacher are "more than just an instructor and a student." Not romantically (I certainly hope not!), but I think he's imagining something that simply isn't there (the teacher's 35ish, for crying out loud!). Don't get me wrong -- the instructor is friendly (albeit, somewhat reserved), and my lab partner is certainly very outgoing. He is extremely intrigued by the material -- I certainly don't hold THAT against him -- and asks lots of questions, thus having a more frequent degree of contact with the instructor than the average student. I'm definitely not opposed to an intellectually curious student asking questions, but he commented to me one day, "You know what? I can tell [the instructor] feels really comfortable around me. It's so much more than just an instructor-student thing, you know? After lab the other day, she was like '@#<em>^!' and I was like '</em>%#^!'" (<--- I edited a few choice words.) Excuse me, but since when was the use of four-letter words by an instructor around a student a sign of friendship? I'm glad she gets along with him, but does lack of hostility = friendship? I think not.</p>

<p>It also annoys me that he's bragging about this supposed friendship. Fine, I'll be optimistic here -- maybe he really DOES have somewhat of a friendship with this instructor (who, mind you, he has known for all of twelve weeks). So why is he bragging about it in front of other students? Because he's insecure about other relationships in his life? Because he wants to make me jealous? (For the record, I've known this instructor for about two and a half years, and while I wouldn't say she's my FRIEND, per se, I do consider her to be one of my better acquaintances -- I strongly doubt that my lab partner is aware of this, though.) In my case, I've become friends with a couple of my prior instructors, but I make a point not to bring it up very often in front of their students or make a big deal about it (i.e., I don't mention to other students, "Oh yeah, I went out for coffee with Instructor So-and-so today."). With these friendships of mine, I take pride in simply KNOWING that they're my friends -- not by talking about it ad nauseum for the world to hear.</p>

<p>I just find it odd that he's considering this association to be a friendship and that he's talking about it in front of a fellow student. The teacher (if I read her correctly) is reasonably reserved, and she doesn't seem like the type to hit it off instantly with a student (she does have a life outside of work -- it isn't like she's looking for a boyfriend). I could be wrong, but I'm really annoyed by my lab partner's seeming lack of maturity.</p>

<p>ARRGH!!! Any thoughts on him and his situation? (And stuff I could say if/when he brings it up again?)</p>

<p>Don't worry about him. </p>

<p>School's almost out. </p>

<p>=) Be happy.</p>

<p>Yeah, there's only three weeks left of school. Just put up with him till then.</p>

<p>wow, this guy seems to have some issues. i think that he just wants attention. like the others said, just put up with him until the class is over, which will be soon enough!</p>

<p>I had a <em>26</em> year old in one of my classes behave something like that, only none of his annoying comments had to do with the class material. He would just always talk really loud and curse while the instructor (a very nice old woman, BTW) was trying to teach, and he would make really rude comments about Jesus and stuff right in front of her face (she's pretty Christian).</p>

<p>Ctrain, I hope his grade wasn't teetering between an A and a B or between a B and a C! This guy means well, I think, but I just think it's kind of weird with him and the instructor (or at least with him -- I wonder if SHE even suspects anything). I really hope he doesn't end up in my physio class next semester -- I can't focus on the material at hand when he's jabbering about some unrelated topic.</p>

<p>Thanks for your empathy!</p>

<p>btw, Would I be out of line to say something about it to him if he brings it up again?</p>

<p>I don't understand why this affects you so much. The guy is happy about his relationship with the professor. If the professor is fine with the relationship and this guy isn't too obnoxious(which from your description he isn't) I would leave him alone. Who are you to tell him that he isn't really friends with someone? That's pretty immature.</p>

<p>Maybe they are friends. For a reserved professor to curse in front of a student, she must feel relatively comfortable with him. He sounds a little socially inept, but not a mean or rude person.</p>

<p>I really don't understand what your problem is. You are angry that a student is friends with an instructor, as you are with other professors. </p>

<p>Are you jealous that someone might have a better relationship than you with her?</p>

<p>No, no jealousy here! I guess I'm more annoyed than angry -- maybe it's just his social ineptness that's getting to me. You're right -- he isn't mean or rude. Maybe he was just bragging (for whatever reason) that the instructor uses words around him that she doesn't use around me (probably since I'm a minor and because I'm religious), and he wanted to see my reaction (of which I didn't have much).</p>

<p>My apologies if I came across as immature or disrespectful of what could indeed be a friendship. I'm very comfortable with my relationship with the instructor, so I suppose I should, in turn, be respectful of HIS relationship with her. (Maybe I'm just more CURIOUS than anything as to his reason for talking about it. ;) )</p>