Vera Bradley?

<p>Hey y'all! I'm going to be a freshman at ND in about 2 weeks, and I'm very excited! I've already purchased all my books and other college essentials, except for a bag. I'm from Texas, and most of the girls around here all use the Vera Bradley bags. I was just wondering if girls at ND do as well, or if I should be buying a different type of bag. Thanks :)</p>

<p>Vera Bradley is more SMU than ND (I'm from Texas, too, so I know you'll understand the reference!) You'll see a lot more North Face at ND. But if it makes you happy and gets you through your day, go for it! If you're in doubt, wait till you get to campus - you can order through the internet.</p>

<p>Congrats on beginning a wonderful new adventure at ND! My daughter just graduated this past May and it was a fantastic time for her! As for Vera Bradley~Yes, girls at ND use them. They are all over the place~from the over the shoulder "book bag" type to the true back pack, and everything in between. They are very popular. Go for it~get your favorite pattern. You will be fine!</p>

<p>Also, make sure you get the matching "key chain, small wallet" thing for going out etc. It can hold your ID, phone and a bit of money etc....a must!</p>

<p>Enjoy it all~it goes really fast!!!</p>